Nerf blasters

some awsome nerf that will soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon come out

Nerf stampede

the awesome stampede

Welcome to the Nerf Mania WikiEdit

This is a wiki entirely dedicated to Nerf guns. It is a website about all different types of nerf guns ?

On this page there will probably be a couple of nerf guns that you dont know about the reason is that some of these nerf guns have not come out yet but i asure you that they will be out

most of the nerf guns that are out on this picture cost about 60euros and about 70 pounds


Also on this picture there are probably a couple of nerf guns that you know about but they are painted a diffrent colour the nerf gun that you are looking at if it is coloured it will probably come out soon or it has allready come out

kevin kevin kevin kevin

        If you are looking for a awesome nerf gun to anoy your sister with this is a must mave nerf gun  with full automatic you can blast any thing you want with a 18 dart magazine the nerf stampede is just to awesome